Full-colour ambient light sensor detects LED flicker

February 20, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Full-colour ambient light sensor detects LED flicker
STMicroelectronics’ low-power and miniature multispectral colour sensors can be easily integrated and hidden to adjust screen colour temperature and brightness in bezel-less smartphones.

The  VD6281 ambient light sensor (ALS) simultaneously providing scene colour temperature, ultra-violet (UVA) radiation level, and lighting frequency information, enabling cameras to correct white balance and enhance colour presentation, while setting appropriate exposure times to avoid flicker artefacts and eliminate banding in pictures and videos, especially in scenes lit with contemporary LED sources.

The 1.83x1.0x0.55mm device uses high-performance, direct-deposition filter material to create 6 independent colour channels: Red, Green, Blue, near-Infrared, UVA and Clear for superior colour-sensing over a 120º viewing angle. The VD6281 is up to 5x more sensitive than other colour sensors in the market, allowing integration behind a cover glass, inside an optical module with another companion chip or flash LED, or through an opaque phone back cover. The VD6281 can detect light levels as low as 1mLux, works in less than 8ms (1 video frame at 120fps), and consumes less than 1mW in the ALS mode. The VD6281 also embeds a patented flicker engine to detect fast artificial light variations. The sensor can detect all lighting frequencies from 50Hz to 2kHz with better than 3% accuracy, including PWM square signals generated by LED emissions. The VD6281 can output flicker information in both analog and digital format in parallel with ALS operation.

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