GaN FET production steps up 10-fold - GaN Systems

December 02, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Gallium nitride power FET maker GaN Systems says it is “uniquely positioned” to meet high volume GaN demand as deployment of GaN transistors ramps up; the company has expanded production at TSMC by a factor of ten.

GaN Systems claims the industry's broadest and most comprehensive portfolio of GaN power transistors with both 100V and 650V GaN FETs shipping in volume. Its transistors use its own Island Technology and in TSMC's GaN fab process also claim the best performance and Figure of Merit, “easily outstripping” the capabilities of the highest performance silicon power semiconductors, the latest silicon carbide devices and competing gallium nitride products. The company's GaNPX packaging offers high current handling, extremely low inductance and thermal performance. 100V and 650V devices are finding application from thinner TVs to extended range electric vehicles, the company adds.

The company further comments, “Delivering large volumes of highly reliable GaN transistors in near-chipscale packaging is the culmination of a journey GaN Systems began in 2008. The company was founded with the mission of creating a low cost, highly reliable GaN-on-Silicon product based on Island Technology, a method of creating small islands where electro-migration is mitigated, die size is minimised and very high current devices realised with high yield. Using Island Technology with TSMC's GaN-on-Silicon manufacturing techniques enabled GaN Systems to deliver the most usable, high performance, normally-off transistor to the market in mid-2014.”

GaN Systems;

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