GaN-on-Silicon microLED full HD display makes debut

May 14, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Together with its backplane partner, Jasper Display (JDC), Plessey has succeeded in the wafer level bonding of its GaN-on-Silicon monolithic microLED wafers with JDC’s eSP70 silicon patented backplane technology, resulting in microLED displays that contain addressable LEDs.

Wafer level bonding poses significant technical challenges and had not previously been achieved between a GaN-on-Silicon microLED wafers and a high-density CMOS backplanes, claims Plessey who says it achieved the world’s first mechanically successful wafer to wafer bond in early April 2019. This follows a continued partnership with JDC including an extensive capital investment in a complete tool set, enabling successful wafer to wafer bonding.

This new milestone lead to a fully functional, electrical and mechanical bond, resulting in a fully operational microLED display. The display features an array of 1920x1080 (FHD) current-driven monochrome pixels on a pitch of 8 microns. Each display requires more than two million individual electrical bonds to connect the microLED pixels to the controlling backplane. The JDC backplane provides independent 10-bit single colour control of each pixel – Bonding a complete LED wafer to a CMOS backplane wafer, incorporates over 100 million micro level bonds between the wafers.

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