GaN on Silicon red LED is world’s first: Page 2 of 2

December 06, 2019 //By Julien Happich
GaN on Silicon
Plessey announced it has successfully developed a world’s first GaN on Silicon-based Red LED.

“This is an exciting result as it creates a path towards low cost manufacturing of ultra-fine pitch and efficient red InGaN pixels, which will accelerate the adoption of microLEDs in both AR microdisplays and mobile/large display applications. Our innovative solutions have once again proven Plessey’s position as the world leader in microLED technology”, said Dr Wei Sin Tan, Director of Epitaxy and Advanced Product Development at Plessey.

Other recent ground-breaking milestones from Plessey includes the world’s first wafer level bonded monolithic 3,000 ppi GaN on Silicon microLED emissive display hybridised to an active-matrix CMOS backplane; as well as native Blue and Green emission layers on the same wafer. The company aims to produce full RGB microLED displays in 2020.

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