Gel potting compound is waterproof, shock absorbing

October 15, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Gel potting compound is waterproof, shock absorbing
The SilGel 612 now available from adhesives specialist Intertronics is a low viscosity silicone sealant designed by global chemicals company, Wacker.

The SilGel 612 encapsulant has a simple one to one mix ratio and is completely transparent. It cures to a soft gel at room temperature and curing can be accelerated using heat, which makes the product suitable for manufacturers with high production rates. The gel-like texture of SilGel 612 allows it to effectively absorb shock and vibration. Therefore, it can be used for products that are subject to physical stresses such as automotive parts. It can also be mechanically removed and reworked, providing flexibility for manufacturers.

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