Getting started on IEEE's Time-Sensitive Networking

July 15, 2015 //By Julien Happich
Getting started on IEEE's Time-Sensitive Networking
TTTech has launched the DE-Starter Kit for the evaluation of industrial applications over standard real-time Ethernet. Supporting IEEE TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking), the kit offers an out-of-the-box set up which for the first time allows users to test the performance of OPC UA and Profinet components over a TSN network.

Included in the kit are TSN-enabled switches from TTTech, nodes with OPC UA and pre-loaded configurations.

TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) is a set of IEEE 802 Ethernet sub-standards that are defined by the IEEE TSN task group. The emerging standards enable time-scheduling of Ethernet traffic, and therefore fully deterministic real-time communication within the 802 suite of standards.

TSN users benefit from Guarantee of Service, which allows for the convergence of controls, streaming and data traffic over one standard Ethernet network without affecting real-time performance or wasting bandwidth. This convergence means that real-time industrial systems can be connected to cloud services and synchronized with one-another over standard Ethernet.
The kit will be available in Q4 2015. A later version of the product will also support the SAE Time-Triggered Ethernet standard.

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