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August 12, 2019 //By Julien Happich
vehicle batteries
In its 2030 forecast, Dr Na Jiao from market research firm IDTechEx expects 6 million battery packs retiring from electric vehicles per year as from 2030 onwards.

The ten-year forecast on the available capacity of second-life batteries from major electric vehicle categories, passenger cars, buses, vans and trucks (pure electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles), shows the potential size and constitution of the second-life battery market. By 2030, global second-life electric vehicle capacity is expected to hit over 275GWh per year.

The first batch of electric vehicle batteries are reaching their retirement age and the next ten years will see a huge increase in the volume of retired batteries. According to IDTechEx' research, there will be over 6 million battery packs retiring from electric cars, buses, vans and trucks by 2030.

Earlier this year, Vokswagen unveiled its "power bank for the e-car", a mobile rapid charger consisting of up to 360kWh second-life EV batteries that can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. The second-life battery powered mobile charging stations provide a flexible and cost-efficient approach to the rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure, according to Volkswagen.

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