Glass-sealed RFID transponder combines temperature-sensing with ID

January 08, 2020 //By Julien Happich
RFID transponder
Smartrac Technology’s Glass Tag Thermosensor is a low-frequency RFID transponder (134.2 kHz or 125 kHz) that offers temperature-sensing as well as identification capabilities for a broad variety of industrial items and animals.

Suitable for implants and for use in liquids and even vacuum, the 2.12x12mm biompatible glass capsule can withstand high-temperature or high-acidity conditions and other demanding industrial environments. As well as identification, the tag delivers accurate and very reliable temperature sensing and storing, without the need for a dedicated battery-powered sensor or data logger. In cold chain or industrial environments, this innovative, passive sensing product can wirelessly measure the temperature inside closed bins, jars or chambers - whether the items to be monitored are in manufacturing facilities, laboratories or containers in transit. Similarly, pet owners and laboratory operators can not only identify their animals but also effortlessly monitor their body temperature. The only precondition is the availability of a reader that can display the temperature information provided by the Excelio EL9265 IC. The chip offers 2048 Bit EEPROM, including 1760 bits of user memory that can be used for storing up to 50 temperature measurements.

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