Globalfoundries to add another NVM to FDSOI

June 06, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
Globalfoundries to add another NVM to FDSOI
Globalfoundries Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) is researching the addition of a second non-volatile memory technology option, and potentially more, to its offering on 22nm FDSOI.

The company already offers magnetic RAM (MRAM) on its 22FDX process and is now researching other memory options, according to Gary Patton, chief technology officer.

The information was revealed on the side lines of the IMEC Technology Forum held in Antwerp last week as eeNews Europe interviewed Patton.

Patton was eager to emphasize that although foundry rivals such as TSMC and Samsung are pushing hard to introduce leading-edge 7nm processes connected intelligence is also about RF circuits and power efficiency. But is there a risk that Globalfoundries will fall behind in a race to the smallest geometries and start to lose customers?

Gary Patton, CTO of Globalfoundries.

"We're all-in on the dual road-map strategy," responded Patton.

That dual map strategy sees Globalfoundries first 7nm FinFET tape outs happening in the 2H18 with production in 2019 and further tape-outs in 2019, Patton said. Those early tape-outs are what Patton called "first-source" agreements. Patton said the first source customers include AMD, IBM and some other companies via an ASIC design platform.

It is important that Globalfoundries makes a success of its FinFET processes to keep its Fab 8 complex in Malta, New York busy and bring in the revenue to pay for R&D at smaller geometries such as 3nm.

Meanwhile on the other branch of its dual roadmap Globalfoundries is in competition with Samsung which offers 28nm fully depleted silicon on insulator (FDSOI) process and has announced an 18nm FDSOI follow on. "We're very happy to see Samsung also participating. It only helps to keep more people in the market,' said Patton. "We've got 36 design wins in FDSOI and tape outs on 22FDX."

With 9 design wins in the US, 13 in Europe, 11 Asia and 3 in Japan, as you might expect there is a little more traction in Europe.

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