Google preps 'Whitechapel' processor for Pixel phone

April 15, 2020 // By Peter Clarke
Google preps 'Whitechapel' processor for Pixel phone
Google has reportedly received samples of a 5nm application processor codenamed Whitechapel that the company designed in cooperation with Samsung.

The chip would be mass-produced by Samsung Foundry using its 5nm manufacturing process.

The chip is reportedly destined to power the Pixel6 smartphone due for introduction in 2021. It could also be the start of line of processors for Google's Chomebook line of notebook computers. In this regard Google would be taking a leaf out of Apple's playbook. Apple has designed its own ARM-based processors for more than a decade.

Samsung has also manufactured Apple's iPhone processors as well as its own line of Exynos processors. Meanwhile Google has relied on Qualcomm processors for its Pixel phones to date.

Whitechapel is an octacore ARM-based processor with an additional hardware for machine learning acceleration, presumably in the form of tensor processor units (TPUs). A portion of the chip will also be used for supporting the "always-on" nature of Google Assistant, according to a source quoted by Axios.

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