Graphcore's Toon tips Dell AI server

November 19, 2018 //By Peter Clarke
Graphcore's Toon tips Dell AI server
Nigel Toon, CEO of Graphcore Ltd. (Bristol, England), has confirmed his company has been shipping the Colossus machine learning processor on PCIe cards to early access customers and in particular to computer company Dell Technologies Inc.

Dell became a strategic investor in Graphcore in 2016 (see Dell revealed as Graphcore backer ) and the two companies now have a Dell-Graphcore IPU appliance for data centers.

Toon, speaking at a Dell AI and Analyst event in Chicago, discussed how Graphcore is working with Dell to make use of their product integration and sales channels.

Graphcore refers to its processor as an IPU – for intelligent processing unit – and Toon reported that two 'GC2' IPUs, dubbed Colossus, are included on each 'C2' PCIe card.

"Dell was one of the first to receive hardware and software and we have been working closely with their technical teams to build out a full IPU-based product range from Dell," said Toon in an article on the Graphcore website.

The two companies now have the Dell-Graphcore IPU appliance that contains eight PCIe cards and 16 GC2 Colossus processors. The unit is capable of more than 2 petaflops of machine intelligence compute, spread across over 100,000 independent parallel programs, working on the machine intelligence model held inside the IPUs, and with memory bandwidth of nearly 1 petabyte/s. The unit comes with Graphcore's Poplar software stack.

Toon said Graphcore has sold out its first batch of production silicon and C2 boards.

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