Hamamatsu Photonics launches spectrometers for photoluminescence analysis

March 05, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Hamamatsu Photonics launches spectrometers for photoluminescence analysis
Two new laboratory measurement systems from Hamamatsu Photonics address the demand of material researchers in the LED and OLED industry. The combination of both systems enables the comprehensive characterization of light emitting materials including LED phosphorus and OLED materials.

Hamatsu Photonics' new Quantaurus spectrometer product family can be used to analyze materials in solid, liquid and powder form as well as thin films. Liquids can be measured at ambient temperature as well as at 77K.

The Quantaurus Tau measures the lifetime of fluorescing materials in a broad range of time spans from sub nanoseconds to milliseconds at single photon sensitivity. The two versions available cover a spectrum from 300nm to 800nm or from 380nm to 1030nm respectively. Operation is intuitive; the software contains a number of measurement and analysis functions. Seven LEDs excite the material at wavelengths between 280nm and 630nm. The model Quantaurus-Tau additionally offers a feature to measure phosphorescence lifetimes.

The model Quantaurus QY enables scientists to quickly and simply measure the quantum yield of light emitting materials. The system measures absolute values without a reference sample required for relative measurements. Operation is simple and intuitive; it allows selecting the exciter wavelengths, measuring the emission spectra and a number of analysis functions including instant calculation of quantum yields, of correlations between quantum yield and exciter wavelength and color coordinates. The two variants available cover a spectrum of 300nm to 950nm and 400nm to 1100nm, respectively.


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