Hella creates eye-catcher with curved OLEDs

April 01, 2014 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Hella creates eye-catcher with curved OLEDs
The availability of Organic LEDs (OLEDs) at and in cars will yield a host of new design options. A foretaste provides automotive supplier Hella at the current Light & Building trade fair.

Along with carmaker BMW and Korean chemical company LG Chem, Hella has developed a prototype of a taillight utilising OLEDs. The taillight contains a total of 28 three-dimensionally curved OLED modules. This shape has been achieved by utilising a flexible OLED substrate. In contrast to the rigid glass substrates in use currently allows creating 3D structures with bend radii of a few millimetres.

OLEDs are made of ultra-thin organic semiconductor layers which emit homogeneous, diffuse and dazzle-free light. In contrast to LEDs which are characterised by punctiform light emission, OLEDs feature a flat, laminar shape with even light distribution. Hella develops techniques that turn flexible OLEDs into rigid, but curved modules - a property that is required by designers of car taillights.

The prototype developed by Hella, BMW and LG Chem is at display at the LG Chem booth at the Light and Building, Frankfurt, Germany, from March 30 through April 4.

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