High-current power inductors operate from -55 to +155°C for LED headlights

September 03, 2019 //By Julien Happich
 power inductors
TDK Corporation’s SPM-VT series of wire-wound power inductors were designed specifically for the high thermal and current demands of automotive LED headlights.

The devices feature both a broad operating temperature range from -55 up to +155°C and high rated currents from 4.7A to 36.6A (Isat), depending on type. The new components are qualified to AEC-Q200 and are initially available in three sizes: 7.5x7.0x5.4mm, 10.5x10.0x6.5mm and 13.0x12.5x6.5mm. Their rated inductances range from 1 µH to 47 µH, depending on type. Mass production starts in September 2019. The SPM-VT series is based on TDK’s innovative metallic magnetic material technology that enables a high magnetic saturation density and robust structural design. These metal core power inductors boast superior DC superposition characteristics in a compact size and feature a rated current that is approximately two to three times higher than that of comparable high-temperature products based on ferrite core materials.

Modern adaptive LED headlights typically use one and the same control circuit to drive all LED headlight functions such as low and high beams, daytime running lights and curve lighting. The DC-DC converters in the power circuits of LED headlights use power inductors, and as the functionality of the headlights increases, the number of inductors needed is also growing.

TDK Corporation – www.tdk.com

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