High-resolution Vernier encoder supports angle resolutions up to 26 bit

June 05, 2018 // By Julien Happich
High-resolution Vernier encoder supports angle resolutions up to 26 bit
Designed for optical and magnetic position sensors, iC-Haus' high-resolution Vernier encoder features a fast sine-to-digital converter in SAR architecture with an interpolation resolution of 14 bit and extremely short conversion times of only 2.3 µs.

In the case of position sensing using Vernier scanning of several scales, this speed advantage is particularly beneficial. For this purpose, iC-MNF simultaneously scans up to three sin/cos track signals. Interpolation and digitalization are executed sequentially. Using the configurable Vernier calculation for 2 or 3 tracks, excellent angular resolutions of up to 26 bit can be achieved which corresponds to 0.02 angular seconds in terms of 360 degrees. To achieve high signal quality when scanning rotary encoder code disks, using high-resolution scanning ICs such as iC-PN or the new iC-PNH of iC-Haus’ EncoderBlue product family is recommended. In addition, iC-MNF also supports Hall and magnetoresistive sensors. In addition to an SPI interface for easy connection to microcontrollers, the 7x7mm QFN device contains a fail-safe RS422 transceiver for both BiSS C and SSI so that iC-MNF can directly be linked to corresponding controls. The IC now provides even more accurate status information for monitoring and diagnostics. The chip also integrates a temperature sensor.

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