High-stability clocks hold ±20ppm across extended temp range

November 27, 2016 //By Graham Prophet
High-stability clocks hold ±20ppm across extended temp range
Frequency control specialist, Euroquartz is sourcing a range of clock oscillators from Statek, that offer frequency stability of ±20ppm over the military temperature range and ±10ppm for industrial applications. Available in frequencies from 10 to 55 MHz, the STXO range also specifies low RMS jitter and low phase noise.

In a 3.2 x 2.5 mm package, the STXO oscillator lists capabilities including RMS jitter typically less than 300 fsec, typical noise floor less than −161 dBc/Hz, high shock survival options (>20,000g) and ultra-low Allan Deviation and period jitter (1.4 psec RMS).

Supply voltage options are 2.5 and 3.3V ±10% with low current consumption of 3.0 mA (no load across temperature range). Rated for 15 pF CMOS output load with enable/disable and tri-state functions, the Statek STXO range delivers fundamental frequency output with no PLL artefacts and is housed in a hermetically-sealed ceramic four-pad surface mount package.

In versions for industrial applications over −10 to +85°C and military applications over −55 to +125°C, the oscillators are available with full military testing according to MIL PRF 55310. Tighter frequency stability performance can also be provided. Additional specifications include start-up time of 5 msec maximum, rise/fall time of 5 nsec maximum, duty cycle of 45% minimum/55% maximum and low ageing of 2 ppm in first year. Defence and aerospace applications include smart munitions, communications, guidance and navigation.


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