Highest sensitivity CMOS TIA for optical networks

September 13, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Highest sensitivity CMOS TIA for optical networks
The HLR11G0 transimpedance amplifier (TIA) from HiLight Semiconductor has a a sensitivity of -22dBm for 10Gbit/s medium distance optical links with PIN photodiodes

HiLight Semiconductor in Southampton has launched a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with a sensitivity of -22dBm for 10Gbit/s medium distance optical links. 

The HLR11G0 has been designed for use with standard PIN photodiodes and accommodates a wide range of photodiode capacitances without the need for any compensation settings in 10km to 40km wireless equipment optical interconnects  and datacom links for LR, ER and CWDM applications.

The company, which spun out of the University of Southampton in 2012, expects to reach 100 Million total ICs shipped to date later this quarter.

The transimpedance gain of 6.2kohm in the design of the HLR11G0 ensures high output swing levels coupled with a low noise front end and optimised bandwidth all combine to deliver unprecedented levels of sensitivity. The TIA can be used in a wide range of 10Gbps applications such as LR and ER 10Gbps datacom transceivers, CWDM or DWDM receivers and bi-directional optical receivers where extra margins of sensitivity are beneficial.

The TIA features internal digital temperature control of key parameters to maintain excellent sensitivity and overload performance across the industrial operating temperature range. It operates from a single +3.3V power supply and has a low typical current consumption of 26mA.

Other features and performance benefits of the HLR11G0 include adjustable 5.1kohm to 6.2kohm transimpedance gain, single or dual cathode PD connections, internally generated and regulated photodiode bias supply with RSSI monitor output and overload performance of better than +3 dBm.

Coupled with popular Chinese brand 10G photodiodes from Optosensor (OS-PD1050B) and Phograin (XJS-10-D5-SPI) the HLR11G0 achieves -22 dBm (1E-12) with an IRN of 608nA rms. This increases the link budget margin for photodiode applications and improved manufacturing yields for optical sensitivity tests.

The TIA measures 0.7mm x 1.05mm and fits easily within a standard TO-can optical assembly.

“By delivering a 2dB improvement over current state-of-art TIAs the HLR11G0 delivers world class sensitivities for 10G mid[1]distance datacom or CPRI wireless optical link applications

HiLight HLR11G0 in a 5-pin TO can

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