Highly integrated 77GHz radar chip for ADAS applications

February 24, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Highly integrated 77GHz radar chip for ADAS applications
Having established radar as a sensing technology for automotive systems with products that utilise the 24 GHz frequency range, STMicroelectronics believes that now the time is right to switch to the next gear: The 77 GHz frequency band enables smaller antenna sizes and permits the same technology to be used for ADAS requiring short-range, medium-range, or long-range radar, hence simplifying system design and reducing time to market.

ST now has introduced a highly integrated 77GHz transceiver that contains three 77GHz transmitters and four receivers on a single chip, which enables customers to build smaller, lower-cost, and less complex systems compared with competing solutions in the market that are less highly integrated. The multi-channel architecture of ST’s new 77GHz radar chip enhances object recognition and resolution that translates into superior performance and dependability on the road.


The company is now sampling its multi-channel single-chip 77GHz radar transceiver to lead customers and is preparing to enter volume production in March 2017.

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