How and why standardization will benefit the e-textile industry: Page 7 of 9

April 14, 2020 // By William G. Wong
In e-textiles, developers spend too much time finding out which component works with which. What the industry needs is a collaborative effort in the electronics and textile industries to work toward common standards.

Practically speaking, how would you organize this process?

I would suggest setting up an alliance of important players in the whole value chain, meaning both textile and electronics, pledging to work out a Smart Textile Standard for main elements that are levelling now in e-textile. I would start with connectors. I think this seems to be the most promising approach with the least amount of effort. We can learn from that process, then take on another element and work our way forward.

To do this, we need to find financial support before June 2020 so that the alliance can start. Then we could have a preliminary standard ready by the end of 2021. Together with skilled and knowledgeable people from the smart textile industry, we are right now working on establishing a Centre of Excellence in London, which could be up and running by June to support the alliance.

The vision is to make electronics soft and textiles smart by globally aligning and standardizing the smart textile industry on four layers. The mission would be to develop standards and lead successful cross-industry alliances.

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