How and why standardization will benefit the e-textile industry: Page 9 of 9

April 14, 2020 // By William G. Wong
In e-textiles, developers spend too much time finding out which component works with which. What the industry needs is a collaborative effort in the electronics and textile industries to work toward common standards.

The crucial issue here is standardization of the required components. And for this we need an attitude of finding common interests between two totally different industries. Importantly, people should work together and share an interest in finding solutions. Another key element is that we need to work with open standards.

In return, the partner companies in the alliance will benefit from being first-movers and gain close technical insight into the solutions discovered by the alliance. Think of Bluetooth, its logo visible on all sorts of devices. Whoever finds a new solution will have the support of all partners in the supply chain because they are the clients. They rely on the new technology that’s been developed. This creates a critical mass in a short timespan, which is crucial for creating a new market or penetrating existing ones. We’re just one step away from making this happen.

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