IBM. AMD team on confidential computing for AI

November 13, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
IBM. AMD team on confidential computing for AI
Researchers from IBM and AMD are working on projects around confidential computing in the Cloud and accelerating their machine learning capabilities

IBM and AMD have signed a multi-year joint development agreement to enhance and extend the security and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offerings of both companies.

The joint development agreement covers open-source software, open standards, and open system architectures to drive Confidential Computing in hybrid cloud environments. The aim is to support a broad range of accelerators across high-performance computing (HPC) and enterprise critical capabilities such as virtualization and encryption. 

The move will be important for AMD’s coming generation of GPUs that are focussed on AI. It has separated out its graphics GPUS from the computational GPUs. IBM already offers bare metal second generation EPYC processors on its hybrid cloud. 

Confidential Computing is enabled by hardware that allows the data associated with a running virtual machine (VM) to be encrypted, including while workloads are running. This capability helps prevent would-be attackers and bad actors from accessing confidential information, even in the event of a security breach.

Engagement between AMD and IBM researchers on joint projects is already underway.

"The commitment of AMD to technological innovation aligns with our mission to develop and accelerate the adoption of the hybrid cloud to help connect, secure and power our digital world," said Dario Gil, Director of IBM Research. "IBM is focused on giving our clients choice, agility and security in our hybrid cloud offerings through advanced research, development and scaling of new technologies."

"This agreement between AMD and IBM aligns well with our long-standing commitment to collaborating with leaders in the industry," said Mark Papermaster, executive vice president and CTO, AMD. "AMD is excited to extend our work with IBM on AI, accelerating data center workloads, and improving security across the cloud."

Securing highly sensitive data still remains a challenge. Cybersecurity is currently the top barrier for adoption as well as the top criteria for selection of cloud providers, according to data from IBM's Institute for Business.;

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