Image Sensor gets automotive-qualified for dash-cams

March 12, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Image Sensor gets automotive-qualified for dash-cams
Against the background of an increasing demand for camera-based applications in cars introduces chipmaker ON Semiconductor an automotive-qualified version of its AR0237 CMOS image sensor.

The sensor is targeting not so much the high-profile ADAS application segment but the market for das cams. The reason: Since insurance companies increasingly tend to offer financial incentives, the consumer demand for safety cameras is increasing. Recognizing this, car manufacturers are now beginning to offer dash cams as standard equipment.

The AR0237AT is a cost-optimized, automotive qualified (AEC-Q100) version of the same sensor selected by many manufacturers producing after-market dash cams, which offers Full HD video capture at 1080p/60fps, as well as still image capture. With the application moving into the before-market category, there is mounting demand from the automotive industry for a solution that can operate across the full automotive operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C and deliver the right performance at the right price point. The low-light performance of the AR0237AT is further improved when it is coupled to a Clarity+ enabled DVR processor. ON Semiconductor’s Clarity+ technology employs innovative filtering to optimize the SNR of automotive imaging solutions, which can deliver an additional 2X increase in light capture.

According to the vendor. the AR0237AT delivers the same performance as the non-automotive qualified part, providing daytime color and night time near-infrared image capture from the same sensor. By moving the image processing off chip, the solution gives automotive manufacturers more design flexibility at a competitive price.”

The AR0237AT is now available in an IBGA-80 package, measuring 10 mm x 10 mm.

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