Imagination launches innovation manifesto for UK

September 07, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Imagination launches innovation manifesto for UK
Imagination Technologies' ‘manifesto’ for innovation has ten recommendations for the UK government to support the semiconductor industry says Tim Mamtora, chief of innovation

UK IP developer Imagination Technologies has launched a ‘manifesto’ for innovation to highlight the critical role of the semiconductor industry.

Despite the chip shortage and the increased focus on sovereign chip production, “The UK’s Innovation Future”, instead puts the emphasis on R&D and design.

“While semiconductors have long been an integral part of the technology supply chain, policymakers have only recently begun to wake up to their strategic importance. Responding to global shortages that have demonstrated like never before the critical role played by chips in today’s increasingly digital economy, governments in the EU, the US, China, and Japan have all recently announced measures to strengthen their domestic semiconductor industries through public investment, incentives for business, and public-private partnerships,” said Tim Mamtora, Chief of Innovation at Imagination Technologies.

“The British government has been rather late in arriving to the party, so far only announcing a review of public support for the sector rather than any concrete measures,” he points out. “While Imagination welcomes the government’s desire to get behind the semiconductor industry, we believe it is crucial that this support focuses on chip design and innovation, rather than manufacturing. Although a certain level of domestic production would provide an emergency buffer against disruption, ultimately the UK’s long-term aim should be to double down on its existing leadership in design – embodied by firms including Imagination, Arm and Alphawave – while continuing to enjoy the scale and efficiency offered by global supply chains.

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“Our new innovation manifesto, published today, sets out how innovation lies at the heart of Imagination’s success,” he said.

“To ensure we stay ahead of the competition and create technology capable of the heavy lifting our customers require,

Tim Mamtora, chief of innovation at Imagination Technologies

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