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March 20, 2020 //By Dr James Edmondson
electric vehicle batteries
The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, and with it the demand for fast charging, increased energy density and improved safety.

XING Mobility provide complete drivetrain solutions built
around their immersion cooled battery packs which are
modular to allow fitting into the required geometry.
Source: XING Mobility, IDTechEx Show, Santa Clara 2019.

XING Mobility are a company specialising in the more niche electric vehicle markets with their modular immersion-cooled battery packs utilising 3M's Novec fluid. In another niche market, Rimac Automobili have opted for Solvay's Galden fluid for their electric hypercars. Whilst the technology shows promise with technically excellent performance; it will be difficult for immersion cooling to enter the mass production automotive market due to the increased weight and cost compared with currently utilised methods. However, regulations regarding thermal safety of electric vehicles are changing, and with it these emerging technologies may start to take a more significant market share.

Immersion cooling is just one of the emerging technologies covered in the recent report from IDTechEx on Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles 2020-2030 which addresses and analyses the currently utilised and emerging strategies for thermal management across the electric vehicle market, with primary information obtained from interviews with relevant companies. In addition to the batteries, the electric motors, power electronics and vehicle charging stations have crucial thermal management considerations, with varying approaches from manufacturers and emerging alternatives, all of which are addressed in this brand new report.

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