Inductive linear and angle encoders for harsh environments

September 09, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Inductive linear and angle encoders for harsh environments
Precise measuring instruments are indispensable in many industrial applications. Often, however, they not only have to provide highly accurate measurement values, but must also be extremely robust. The measuring instruments of AMO GmbH (St. Peter am Hart, Austria) meet both requirements equally.

The inductive AMOSIN measuring system is the basis of all linear encoders and angle encoders from AMO. It essentially consists of a planar coil structure in the measuring head and a measuring standard (scale tape). A substrate in micro-multilayer technology serves as the basis of the coil structure. The individual main elements with primary and secondary coils are stretched in the measuring direction. The measuring scale is based on a stainless steel tape with a high-precision periodic graduation. Due to the relative movement between the sensor structure (in the scanning head) and the measuring scale in the measuring direction, the counter-inductance of the individual coils changes periodically and two sinusoidal 90° phase-shifted signals (SIN and COS) are generated. Protection against external influences such as dust, dirt and splash water is provided in accordance with IP67; in addition, the purely inductive, contactless scanning system protects against such influences.

Due to the high signal quality and the stability against environmental influences, the encoders have a high repeatability. Up to a maximum speed of 26,000 rpm, resolutions of up to 0.05 μm are also possible. AMO's measuring instruments are not only highly accurate and robust, but also very compact: Since the entire evaluation electronics and sensor technology is directly integrated into the housing, the measuring instruments require only little installation space.

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