Inductors learning kit lets you probe the impact of magnetics

March 12, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Inductors learning kit lets you probe the impact of magnetics
The TI-PMLK (Texas Instruments Power Management Lab Kit) Würth Elektronik Edition is a learning kit to autonomously study the impact of magnetics in a power supply using a buck board with adjustable operating conditions and a free experiment book.

The kit was developed in collaboration with Texas Instruments to help engineering students and electrical engineers study and understand the impact of magnetics on a buck power supply. It comprises a buck board and a free editable experiment book. The board consists of two independent buck circuits with six different inductors that can be individually selected. The hands-on kit allows the users to investigate the performances of inductors with different core materials, inductance, and size to analyze their impact on the static and dynamic performance of regulators. The hardware has been designed to allow adjustable operating conditions such as switching frequency, EMI input filter, and ambient temperature control. Over-voltage, over-current and polarity reversal protection by eFuse protect the board from potential damage. This editable PDF experiments book allows for easy data entry and sharing of results. It can be downloaded at The kit can now be ordered directly from the Würth Elektronik eiSos website for 119 euros.

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