Industrial server boards use COM-HPC standard

November 02, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Industrial server boards use COM-HPC standard
The SOM-8990 COM-HPC evaluation kit and SOM-DB8900 carrier board will use a 16 core 110W Intel Xeon processor for industrial IoT servers

Advantech is launching a series of industrial server cards based on the new COM-HPC standard.

All five COM-HPC module standards (A ~ E) will use 800 pins via two new high-speed connectors with at least 4 x 100 pins each and 2 x 400-pin board -to-board connectors. The standard supports higher bandwidths via innovative BGA-type board-to-board connectors, allowing PCIe 4.0 and PCIe Gen 5 (32GT/s) to be scaled to up to 65 lanes. The boards will have four USB 4.0 ports or USB 3.2 Gen. 2 x 2, up to 10GBASE-T and 8x ports 25GBASE-KR with sideband signals. COM-HPC also offers more low power I/O such as 12x GPIO, SPI, IPMB, I2C, and SMBus for intelligent system management.

The available board sizes also enable the adoption of high-level processors as the larger modules are compatible with 4 ~ 8 pcs long DIMM memory expansion sockets. The Size E specification features up to 1TB memory via 8x pcs long DIMM memory capacity. Size C offers 128GB via 4x pcs SODIMM

Additionally, the module's TDP supports 110W processors, compared to 65W for COM-Express, and power inputs higher than 300W.

The new standard is aimed at supporting higher data rates than COM Express Type 7 for real time data synchronization and the processing of machinery in factory lines for industrial automation. It is also expected to be used in defence systems, medical imaging applications and warehouses employing robots

Advantech is a member of the PICMG COM-HPC subcommittee which plans to ratify the standard after two years of development.

"PICMG Is excited about the pending completion of the COM-HPC specification. Advantech continues to be a leader in IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. Their commitment to the development of COM-HPC will lead to the rapid adoption of the forthcoming open specification." said by Jessica Isquith, PICMG President.

Advantech plans to release a COM-HPC evaluation kit called SOM-8990 and a carrier board called SOM-DB8900 in

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