Industry 4.0 gateway links Profibus, Hart

January 20, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Industry 4.0 gateway links Profibus, Hart
The smartLink HW-DP controller-independent Industry 4.0 gateway from Softing provides access to devices on Profibus and Hart networks

Softing Industrial Automation has developed an Indsutry 4.0 gateway that provides controller-independent access to Profibus DP networks. The gateway can be integrated without affecting the operation of existing installations and so enables Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing Profibus DP networks.

The smartLink HW-DP V1.01 enables access to process, asset and diagnostic data from Profibus and Hart devices connected to Profibus remote I/Os. It also allows for secure data export to any system inside and outside the company's own network.

Users in the process industry who want to adapt their communication architecture to modern Indsutry 4.0 use cases in the Internet of Things (IoT) can integrate smartLink into existing plants in a simple and cost-effective manner. The data which is relevant for optimization processes is made available via open, standardized interfaces such as Hart IP and FDT for subsequent applications

This means that any HART IP clients, such as Emerson's AMS Device Manager or the Android app DevComDroid, can be used to set parameters for, monitor and evaluate field devices via these open communication standards for applications across Indurty 4.0 implementations.

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