How the industry responded to Covid-19 in 2020

December 31, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
How the industry responded to Covid-19 in 2020
There have been many lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic for the electronics industry, from managing supply chain issues in Asia to new technologies to help communities.

The Covid-19 pandemic was not just about medical issues . The closure of factories in China and across Asia highlighted the vulnerability of the supply chain for the electronics industry. The lessons from lockdowns have reverberated across the industry, and companies stepped up to ensure that production of components for vital equipment, from semiconductors to mechanical devices, continued.

This has demonstrated the essential role of the semiconductor industry, not just during a pandemic but across the globe. As a second wave of the virus takes hold, the industry has learnt key lessons.

Distributors played a key role in keeping components flowing, working with principals to re-direct parts to where they are needed. When air traffic is shut down, prioritising key components was vital.

The Covid-19 pandemic also led to a dramatic boost in innovation in many different areas. Digital twin technology could be used to monitor critical care capacity in hospitals, while vertical farms that rely on LED lighting accelerated their roll out to help feed local areas and autonomous robots are cleaning public areas to minimise the risks to staff, while touch-free technology suddenly became vital.

There are also lessons for Europe with the recovery, both in topics and in funding.

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