Industry mulls 6.7-nm wavelength EUV

February 28, 2011 // By Mark LaPedus
Industry mulls 6.7-nm wavelength EUV
ASML Holding NV is just barely shipping its first pre-production extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography tool, based on a 13.5-nm wavelength technology.

Rival Nikon Corp. is working on similar EUV tools. But according to Nikon, the industry is now in discussions about the development of EUV, based on a 6.7-nm wavelength technology.

EUV based on 13.5-nm technology is late and could miss the market window. Some think it’s a one- or two-node solution.

So, there is a school of thought that EUV based on a 6.7-nm wavelength is more feasible solution. But like 13.5-nm EUV, 6.7-nm technology faces many of the same hurdles: power source, multi-layer coatings, metrology among others.

EUV based on 6.7-nm wavelength is an interesting concept, but the industry hasn’t even ''conquered'' 13.5-nm technology, observed Burn Lin, senior director of the Nano Patterning Division at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

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