Infineon, IBM, GreenCom & icentic to work on secure connected energy utilities

October 04, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon, IBM, GreenCom & icentic to work on secure connected energy utilities
Infineon Technologies, IBM, GreenCom Networks and icentic have joined forces to develop and provide scalable solutions for building a future grid of diverse energy generators and consumers that will have the required intelligence and that will be fully secured.

“Digitalization” and distributed power generation, say the partners, is fundamentally changing energy systems that have been centrally supplied to date. Solar photovoltaic assets, electric vehicles, electrical heating and cooling or battery storage have to be connected into an intelligent power system. At the same time, they must be protected against the growing number of security threats.

At the European Utilities Week in Amsterdam, 3-5 October 2017, the partners have demonstrated a first prototype solution, based on Infineon’s OPTIGA embedded security chips, built into icentic’s ICEHUB connectivity products, to authenticate devices that are connected to the Energy IoT platform by GreenCom.

Traditionally, solar photovoltaic inverters, heat pumps or batteries have not been designed to be digitally connected for monitoring, control and analytics purposes. Most such devices are not secured, and if connected to a digital infrastructure for the purposes of their management, are open to security threats. All the more so as access to data is happening at the infrastructure level as well as in the backend.

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