Infineon shrinks power switches for cars - at twice the amperage

October 08, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Infineon has developed a new generation of its multi-channel high-side power controllers in the SPOC family for automotive applications such as door locking, seat heating, exterior and interior lighting, as well as for lighting and power distribution in e-bikes.

As was the case with BCMs (Body Control Modules) about 15 years ago, the functional range and complexity of other automotive control devices, such as distribution boxes, fuse boxes and relay boxes, are now also increasing significantly. The flexibly configurable, highly integrated SPOC products are intended to help developers of automotive electronics to significantly reduce the number of hardware variants and their installation space and thus costs.

The members of the SPOC+2 family feature a number of new features. Previous generations were equipped with two predefined operating modes for incandescent lamps and LED loads. Important parameters such as slew rate or sense current accuracy (K ILIS) can now be individually configured for each of the six channels. This is done without negative effects on the forward resistance R DS(ON). In addition, with the new concept, two channels combined can drive a load. This doubles the range of supported currents to 1.5A to 14A (previously 1.5A to 7A).

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