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October 21, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Infineon throws its hat into the automotive security ring
When it comes to automotive electronics, Infineon is best known for its power devices. However, the company also is very active in sophisticated control logics and has significant expertise for security sensitive applications. EE Times Europe met Infineon’s Hans Adlkofer, Vice President of Automotive Systems, at the ELIV automotive electronics congress in Baden-Baden.

Another hot topic for the automotive industry is software update over the air (OTA). This feature would be a very significant contribution to the security and integrity of automotive software, he said. “Tesla gave the example”, he said. Though currently no Infineon parts are used in Tesla’s central electronic unit, “We have these solutions”. Security is not the only driver for OTA: “It enables cars to stay young”, Adlkofer said. “It makes sure the car always has the latest software releases on board. Plus, OTA can be an enabler for new business models”, he said.

Electromobility, though it is taking longer than expected to get going, remains a very promising field. “While it remains to be seen if the Volkswagen affair will turn out to be the super turbo for electromobility or just a simple accelerator, it is clear that there will be a gradual transition to electric drives”, he said. Fuel cell-based drives offer basically the same perspective as battery electric ones –“perhaps with different dimensioning”.

Adlkofer’s power electronics scenario for the electromobility future: “IGBT will continue to be the workhorse, SiC will gradually be phased in, Gallium Nitride will rather remain in the consumer domain.”

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