Infrared LEDs target VR and AR eye-tracking

October 25, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Infrared LEDs
Osram has expanded its photonics portfolio for VR and AR eye-tracking systems with the Firefly SFH 4030 and SFH 4060 infrared LEDs.

The new LEDs enable state-of-the-art eye-tracking solutions that provide a targeted point of reference, allowing users to safely immerse in VR worlds without developing feelings of discomfort and dizziness (often due to latencies between the user’s interactions and the VR content). Eye-tracking systems register the user's viewing angle and the movements of his or her eyes. The systems illuminate the eyes with infrared light and register the reflections with a camera sensor. Software then determines the exact position of the eyes and the viewing direction of the user to derive relevant information for the imaging elements of the system.

The side-emitting Firefly SFH 4030 and SFH 4060 infrared LEDs measure just 1.0x0.325mm and are only 0.55mm tall. A black cap makes the two IREDs "invisible" when installed. Customers can choose between the 940 nm version (SFH 4030) or the 850 nm version (SFH 4060), depending on the requirements of their target application. With the SFH 4060, customers benefit from the high sensitivity of the sensors in this wavelength range. On the other hand, the 940 nm version (SFH 4030) avoids the disturbing "red glow" effect, where users see a red light.

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