IoT kit connects industrial and lightly rugged applications to the cloud

September 08, 2016 //By Julien Happich
IoT kit connects industrial and lightly rugged applications to the cloud
Eurotech's IoT development kits are based on the ReliaGATE family of IoT gateways for industrial and lightly rugged applications, providing a complete, high-quality design environment for engineers to simplify the development process and speed time-to-market.

Depending on the intended IoT application final solution, a developer or solution architect can choose between different hardware platforms, ranging from small low-power ARM-based designs to powerful multi-core, latest-generation Intel Atom gateway platforms, each featuring an excellent price / performance ratio in their respective classes. In addition to the already available i.MX6 based ReliaGATE 10-20, the Eurotech family of ReliaGATE Development Kits has expanded with the three models: ReliaGATE 10-05, an ARM (NXP i.MX285) powered, very compact and efficient customizable IoT gateway for industrial applications at less than 2 W; ReliaGATE 10-11, sporting an ARM (TI AM335X Cortex-A8) chip for a customizable low power IoT gateway suitable to intensive workloads; and ReliaGATE 20-25, powered by an Intel Atom (E38xx).

The IoT development kits include the selected gateway, validated device software (Operating System, Java, OSGi, Everyware Software Framework – ESF – IoT middleware), cables, adapters, documentation and a free trial account for Eurotech IoT Integration Platform Everyware Cloud.

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