IoT, LTE, VR to dominate in 2017: Page 4 of 4

November 28, 2016 //By ByteSnap Design
IoT, LTE, VR to dominate in 2017
As we head towards the end of the year, the team at embedded systems consultancy ByteSnap Design share their predictions for what may dominate the electronics industry in 2017.

Thread reaches maturity

The Thread alliance is no longer the new boy in town that it was, and in 2017 we are expecting to see new design wins using Thread in place of ZigBee or other IoT standards, as the chip vendors’ stacks become stable.


Continuation of the mega-mergers?

Who would have predicted that the recently shaken-up NXP would so quickly be undergoing yet another change only a year after the Freescale merger? Surely 2017 can’t have any more surprising mergers and acquisitions… can it?

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