An IoT router platform for telecom operators

February 27, 2020 //By Julien Happich
IoT router
Based on its Tuya Smart platform, Czech technology startup Perenio has developed an IoT router platform specifically designed for telecom operators, IoT Router Elegance.

This collaboration is a part of the company's global project of creating an open building management ecosystem. By offering an IoT router to their customers instead of the usual router, telecom operators will be able to enter a new market, becoming providers of Smart Home solutions. Using Perenio's IoT Router Elegance, operators can offer a wider range of services to the customers: in addition to telephony and Internet access, it is about creating an inexpensive and easily customizable modular Smart Home system. Such a system will provide security and manage resource consumption. And also customers can set the scenarios of the devices work depending on the time of day, weather and the status of the connected sensors. With the Perenio IoT router and the Tuya Smart platform, end-users can connect and control a huge range of smart devices from a single application: sensors, relays, lamps, taps, shutters, kettles, humidifiers, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, surveillance cameras, etc.

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