IR cameras in a water cooled housing

April 08, 2019 //By Julien Happich
IR cameras in a water cooled housing
The Xi 80 and Xi 400 infrared cameras from the Optris Compact Line have been supplemented with new industrial accessories for use in rough conditions.

The system has a modular design and as a result, the water cooled housing, the air purge unit and the shutter can be used both individually and combined. A stainless-steel shutter mechanism protects the high-quality IR camera optics from contamination and foreign objects. This is particularly important when the infrared camera measures upwards and the measurement objects are above it, such as in the glass industry. With a response time of just 100ms, the IR camera is optimally protected from falling broken glass. The shutter can be used in intermittent processes so that the optics are exposed to environmental conditions only during the measurement process. A stainless-steel, water-cooled housing and an air purge collar made of anodized aluminum are available so that the compact infrared camera can be used in rough conditions. Cooling allows for use in hot environments up to 250°C. The air purge unit protects against air particles and prevents condensation on the optics. It can be screwed on in 4 positions, allowing the air flow to be customized for the application.

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