J-Link supports Raspberry Pi for industrial automation

September 09, 2020 // By Ally Winning
 SEGGER has just introduced a new version of the company’s J-Link software that is aimed at applications utilizing Raspberry Pi and other SBC platforms
SEGGER has introduced a version of its J-Link debug software for the latest Raspberry Pi single board computer (SBC)

The new package is designed specifically for Arm Linux and features all command-line versions of the software.

"Although it seems very unusual, even unlikely, it is now possible to use a small Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer with the Eclipse for Embedded C/C++ Developers package and the additional xPack binary tools, plus SEGGER's J-Link debug probe and J-Link software, to create projects, build them and run debug sessions. Amazing!" says Liviu Ionescu, Developer of the Open-Source Eclipse Embedded CDT project.

This opens up more industrial automation and other applications for the Raaspberry Pi 4 SBC. The package supports the same range of target devices and offers the complete feature set that is found in the already-established Windows, macOS and Linux x86 versions. These features include high-speed download into Flash memory and an unlimited number of breakpoints, even in Flash memory. The package also has a J-Link GDB server to make it compatible with all popular development environments.

The software is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Arm Linux. It takes full advantage of the 64-bit CPU and all memory available in the system. It works on Raspberry Pi and the various other compatible SABC boards available on the market. The J-Link SDK also fully supports the writing of custom programs for J-Link on Arm Linux.

"Raspberry Pi is gaining more and more popularity as a small, inexpensive yet powerful multi-purpose computing solution. While the typical use is automated test systems, with the Raspberry Pi acting as a J-Link bridge or server in the LAN/WLAN, there are many other applications. With Eclipse Embedded CDT coming, it is possible to use Raspberry Pi and J-Link as hardware to develop, download and debug firmware for embedded devices." says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER.

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