Jabil to make Covid-19 test cartridges in Ireland

October 08, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Jabil to make Covid-19 test cartridges in Ireland
Jabil Healthcare to make CovidNudge lab-free Covid-19 lab-on-a-chip test kits in volume in Ireland

Contract manufacturer Jabil is to make Covid-19 test cartridges for the DnaNudge lab-free test system at a plant in Ireland.

The partnership with Jabil Healthcare will see high-volume manufacture of CovidNudge testing cartridges on a global scale, ramping to deliver 1.4 million units per month by early 2021

The cartirdges will be made at Jabil's clean room manufacturing facility in Bray, Ireland. The cartridge has 72 tiny wells in its assay, known as a multiplex, that detects human RNA as well as viral RNA, to eliminate ‘false negatives’ by control testing for inadequate swab specimen collection technique. The test detects the presence of a number of the Covid-19 genes and can also test for flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

The ramp is needed to meet the order from the UK government for 5.8 million tests. The NudgeBox test machines, about the size of a shoebox, are being made by US company Benchmark at a plant just outside Amsterdam.

The CovidNudge test is a portable lab-free RT-PCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) process that delivers individual results in just over an hour. A paper published last month by peer-reviewed journal The Lancet Microbe showed the system has an average sensitivity – the ability to correctly identify those with Covid-19 – of 94.4 per cent, comparable to standard NHS lab-based tests, and a specificity – correctly identifying those without the disease – of 100 per cent, meaning no false positives.

The CovidNudge solution is currently being deployed UK-wide in NHS urgent patient care and elective surgery settings, plus out-of-hospital locations. 

“The value of our CovidNudge technology in helping to meet the needs of the pandemic is being recognised around the world, and we knew we needed a trusted partner to enable us to scale delivery and achieve speed to market,” said Professor Chris Toumazou, co-founder and CEO of DnaNudge. 

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