JEDEC-compliant precision temperature sensor for DDR5 memory modules

May 05, 2020 //By Julien Happich
temperature sensor
The TS5111 precision temperature sensor from Renesas Electronics targets DDR5 memory modules as well as a host of other applications that require accurate, real-time temperature monitoring.

The new JEDEC-compliant temperature sensor enables memory modules and other temperature-sensitive systems to run at peak efficiency and reliability with real-time, closed-loop thermal management algorithms. It plays a critical role in providing accurate, high-precision system temperatures with programmable warning flags that enable systems to exercise thermal control loop mechanisms such as memory refresh rates, fan speeds, and bandwidth throttling. Measuring only 0.8x1.3mm and operating from 1.8 to 1.1V, the TS5111 is well suited for small form factor systems as well as applications such as memory and storage modules where proximity sensing is critical for reliable operation. The TS5111 supports I²C, SMBUS, as well as the new I3C Basic protocol for data rates up to 12.5 MHz and other advanced features like in-band interrupts, parity check, and packet error checks. Temperature sensor accuracy is 0.5°C typical in the 75 to 95°C ambient temperature range, 1.0°C typical in the 40 to 125°C range and 2.0°C typical between -40 and +125°C. The chip comes with a two-wire bus serial interface and supports up to 12.5MHz of transfer rate. The TS5111-Z1AHRI8 temperature sensor comes in a 6-ball WLCSP package and is sampling to qualified customers.

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