Jetson AGX AI system for railways

November 04, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Jetson AGX AI system for railways
Adlink’s AVA-RAGX AI-enabled video analytics platform portfolio is aimed at rugged railway applications

Adlink Technology has launched an AI system for onboard and trackside railway applications.

Built on the industrial version of Nvidia’s Jetson AGX Xavier module, the AVA-RAGX is aimed at next-generation railway applications including, passenger security, hazard detection and railway intrusion detection.

The AI-enabled Video Analytics (AVA) platform offers high compute density of 32TOPS with I/O flexibility for edge-type applications in harsh, space-restricted environments.

“AI is accelerating the digital transformation of the railway industry to improve operational efficiency, deliver smarter and safer customer services, and create new business opportunities. ADLINK is at the forefront of AI computing solutions that help railway companies focus on differentiating and transforming their end applications," said Eric Kao, General Manager of Adlink’s  Networking, Communication & Public Sector business unit, which is a leading supplier to the rail industry.

"The introduction of the AVA-RAGX is a significant addition to our rugged, AI-enabled Video Analytics platform portfolio for the rail industry. More importantly, it demonstrates how ADLINK's Elite partnership with NVIDIA can accelerate our product development with the unique access to NVIDIA's latest GPU technologies and the highest level of technical support," he said.

The partnership with Nvidia allows Adlink to build chip-down GPU solutions for ruggedized embedded markets. With an 8-core Carmel CPU and a 512-core Volta GPU on the Jetson AGX card, the AVA-RAGX platform combines AI, machine learning, edge computing and IoT technologies and is certified to EN 50155 specifications.

The system measures 288 x 190 x 72 mm for edge-type railway applications with small solution enclosures. It provides a full complement of I/O ports, including four M12 Gigabit ports and wireless connectivity (5G/LTE & Wi-Fi), as well as four digital input and four output 24VDC-110VDC with 1.5kV isolation.

When integrated with a camera system, radar, Lidar, GNSSC and AI software stack, the AVA-RAGX system can provide precise information about the train's surroundings and exact position. A challenge particular to the rail industry is the

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