Kalray launches 1TFLOP PCI Express supercomputer

June 24, 2014 //By Nick Flaherty
Kalray launches 1TFLOP PCI Express supercomputer
French multicore processor developer Kalray has launched a supercomputer on a PCI Express board that delivers 1TFLOPS of processing for just 50W of power.

The MPPA TURBOCARD2 uses four of Kalray's MPPA-256 manycore processors with 32Gbytes of DDR3 memory to boost servers and workstations used in Oil & Gas, Computational Finance, Cryptanalysis and Numerical simulation. Other applications include real time transcoding of 4K UltraHD video, compressing large amounts of data from seismic measurements for storage and genome sequencing.

The TURBOCARD2 is a full length, full height PCIe board that can use either active or passive cooling and will also allow the deployment of 1 PFLOPS of double precision floating point compute in two industry standard racks.

Each of the processors provides 256 compute cores addressing 4 or 8 GB of DDR3 memory as well as a series of high speed interfaces such as two 8-lane PCIe Gen3, eight 10 Gb Ethernet and a unique low latency inter-chip interface called NoCX that scales up to 80Gbps.

"We are delighted to answer the demand of our customers in the server market by addressing intensive computing and video processing applications with this TURBOCARD2. There is a big expectation from the market on this card. Not only does it bring a huge computing power but it does so for a fraction of the energy needed by all other acceleration solutions available on the market today" said Eric Baissus, the new CEO of KALRAY.

The TURBOCARD2 will be shipped to key customers in September 2014 and general availability will be in Q4 2014. The MPPA ACCESSCORE SDK provides a nonesuch trace and debug tool to quickly develop and optimize an application, speeding up the development time by a factor of four, according to customers.

In April Kalray raised $8m in funding and appointed Eric Baissus as CEO to replace co-founder Joël Monnier. Monnier remains as a non-executive director.

Gilles Delfassy and Eric Bantegnie, two prominent industry executive, also joined the company’s Supervisory Board as President and Vice-President respectively. Delfassy like Baissus worked at Texas Instruments’ wireless division, and is

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