Keysight’s digitizer modules at RS Components

March 26, 2020 //By Julien Happich
RS Components has introduced a low-cost, next-generation data-acquisition system that offers the ability to quickly and dynamically sample more signals simultaneously.

Manufactured by Keysight Technologies, the new DAQ973A data-acquisition system is a three-slot modular mainframe unit that comes with a choice of nine plug-in modules and offers a sampling rate of 800 kSa/s. Keysight has re-used its measurement engine from its high-end test and measurement equipment inside the DAQ973A to deliver proven measurement performance, modular flexibility and universal inputs with built-in signal conditioning. The unit also offers a built-in 6½-digit (22-bit) digital multimeter with a DCV accuracy of 0.003%. Similar to the existing DAQ970A system, this new system comes with additional GPIB connectivity.
Key features of the unit include a scan rate of up to 450 channels, delivering speed and accuracy to achieve fast results; up to 120 channels per system; and a large selection of switch, RF and control plug-in modules, including a new four-channel simultaneous sampling digitizer. The unit can also measure and convert 12 different input signals, including temperature with a thermocouple, RTDs and thermistor; DC/AC volts; two- and four-wire resistance networks; frequency and period; and DC/AC current and capacitance.
Also released is a new four-channel simultaneous sampling digitizer module with 800 kSa/s sampling. This module is an addition to the existing eight modules in the data-acquisition system. These modules work with both the new DAQ973A system that comes with GPIB, LAN and USB, as well as the existing DAQ970A system that comes without GPIB. Additional features of the DAQ973A include a large 4.3-inch colour display, plus GPIB, LAN and USB connectivity. In addition, users can interface the unit via the manufacturer’s BenchVue DAQ software, which includes enhanced time- and frequency-domain measurement capability.

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