Knowing more about glō: executive interview by Yole

February 07, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Knowing more about glō: executive interview by Yole
During his CES visit, Eric Virey, Senior Display Technology and Market analyst for market research firm Yole Développement was invited in glō’s private suite to see an impressive series of demoes and working prototypes such as a 1.5” 264 ppi RGB wearable display on a LTPS glass backplane, and a 0.7” 1000ppi RGB display for AR / HUD on a CMOS backplane.

Interviewing Fariba Danesh and Aniruddha Nazre, respectively CEO and executive chairman of glō, Virey was able to learn more about the company’s recent progresses as well as its manufacturing and commercialization strategy. This interview first appeared on Yole’s site.

Eric Virey (EV): Could you please introduce glō to our readers?

Fariba Danesh (FD) & Aniruddha Nazre (AN): glō started as a compound semiconductor company that was founded in Sweden and moved to Silicon Valley eight years ago. Its investors include FAM, Wellington Partners, Nano Future Invest, TeknoInvest and Google.

EV: How long have you been working on microLEDs, and more specifically on display applications?

FD & AN: The company has worked on developing highly efficient microLEDs made from InGaN for more than a decade. Most of the effort has been on developing green microLEDs and later red microLEDs. Over the last four years glō has also invested in significant R&D toward developing a selective direct wafer transfer technology, building a complete display technology portfolio.

EV: What are glō’s key elements of differentiation in the microLED display field?

FD & AN: glō makes all three colors (RGB) from InGaN, in sizes from 20 microns down to 1.5 microns. The unique characteristic of glō microLEDs is that they peak at current densities that are 1/100th that of traditional LEDs, making them ideally suited for displays being driven by transistors on LTPS glass substrates or CMOS substrates. Being able to use commercial backplanes in LTPS and CMOS allows glō to make displays of various sizes and resolutions with the best performance possible in terms of brightness, efficiency, color gamut, contrast, refresh rates and life time.

EV: Do you focus specifically on epitaxy and chip design or are you also working on other aspects of microLED technologies such as transfer, drivers etc?

FD & AN: glō is vertically integrated in terms of systems design. glō designs its own InGaN microLEDs to optimize light extraction and render uniform color with the right emission angles. In addition, glō has developed its own direct wafer transfer technology that allows it to make display panels with sizes from 0.1” to 75” with resolutions up to 3000ppi on either glass LTPS or silicon CMOS backplanes. Since we leverage commercial backplane and related drivers, we do not work on those items.

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