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February 07, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Knowing more about glō: executive interview by Yole
During his CES visit, Eric Virey, Senior Display Technology and Market analyst for market research firm Yole Développement was invited in glō’s private suite to see an impressive series of demoes and working prototypes such as a 1.5” 264 ppi RGB wearable display on a LTPS glass backplane, and a 0.7” 1000ppi RGB display for AR / HUD on a CMOS backplane.

EV: Your display prototypes feature native RGB LEDs (no color conversion) that are all made on a GaN material platform. Making red nitride LEDs is notoriously difficult. What kind of efficiency have you achieved so far and how are you tackling that challenge?

FD & AN: glō has spent over a decade perfecting the epitaxial growth and fabrication of green and red microLEDs. glō’s IP in unique device design is the key to have all three colors in InGaN. This capability includes having a red LED with sufficient efficiency to allow us to demonstrate an RGB LTPS panel with 4000 nits and operating at less than 1W.

EV: The low efficiency of small size microLEDs (NDLR: i.e. < 10 µm) was often seen as a potential show stopper. What kind of performance are you able to achieve for a very small die?

FD & AN: Our patented device designs and fab processes are designed to meet this challenge. The display panels we have shown in public, such as our demos at the CES show, set the bar for light output and power efficiency.

EV: You are partnering with various display makers. Could you elaborate more on those partnerships? What is glō’s business model?

FD & AN: glō is a fully fabless operation. glō has partnered with a leading global LED manufacturer to produce microLEDs in volume for commercial products. In addition, glō has also partnered with few of the largest display panel manufacturers to produce display modules.

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