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February 07, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Knowing more about glō: executive interview by Yole
During his CES visit, Eric Virey, Senior Display Technology and Market analyst for market research firm Yole Développement was invited in glō’s private suite to see an impressive series of demoes and working prototypes such as a 1.5” 264 ppi RGB wearable display on a LTPS glass backplane, and a 0.7” 1000ppi RGB display for AR / HUD on a CMOS backplane.

EV: What are the next steps for glō in term of technology milestones and product release? What obstacles and challenges are still ahead and which one are you prioritizing?

FD & AN: Together with our manufacturing partners, glō is working toward a commercial launch of microLED displays on LTPS backplanes for smartwatches / wearables in the second half of 2019. After the launch of smartwatch displays on LTPS, glō will introduce smartphone displays. In parallel, we are working with manufacturers of AR glasses and HUD for automotive and defense applications to produce microLED displays based on CMOS backplanes.

Key challenges are reducing time to market by efficiently ramping manufacturing volume together with our partners to produce high quality microLED displays that are also cost competitive.

EV: MicroLEDs also bring some challenges in terms of supply chain with a need to bring together 2 different industries and technologies (LED and Displays) and essentially bridge them by creating a 3rd one from scratch: microLED assembly. What do you think the microLED supply chain will look like?

FD & AN: We think that specifically developing the technology to permit the leveraging of existing supply chains is the way to go. With our manufacturing partnerships we plan to use the existing LED and LCD industry equipment and capacity to produce better performing microLED displays than OLED. We believe that microLED displays will breathe new life into the LCD /TFT industry.

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