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February 07, 2019 // By Julien Happich
Knowing more about glō: executive interview by Yole
During his CES visit, Eric Virey, Senior Display Technology and Market analyst for market research firm Yole Développement was invited in glō’s private suite to see an impressive series of demoes and working prototypes such as a 1.5” 264 ppi RGB wearable display on a LTPS glass backplane, and a 0.7” 1000ppi RGB display for AR / HUD on a CMOS backplane.

EV: Could trade disputes affect this supply chain and your business model if they were to continue or even worsen?

FD & AN: We have deliberately chosen partners that value and respect our intellectual property and that are outside current “dispute zones”. A shortened supply chain with high intellectual property content fits our business model.

EV: Which applications and segments do you think microLED will be applied to? Do you see a clear path to be cost competitive with OLED or other technologies in those segments?

FD & AN: We believe that in the near term, mobile and micro displays are best suited for microLEDs. In the long-term large displays can also be addressed with microLEDs.

  • Micro displays (<1” diagonal + >1000ppi) such as contact lens displays, AR glasses, heads up displays (HUD).
  • Mobile displays (>1” to < 8” diagonal + 200 to 600ppi) such as wearables, smartphones, phablets, etc.
  • Large displays (>8” diagonal + 80 to 200ppi) such as automotive dashboards, tablets, laptops, 8K, 16K and 24K TVs / wall displays.

EV: Any other comments or messages you would like to add for our readers?

FD & AN: glō microLED displays offer the best performance in terms of brightness, power, color, dynamic range, contrast and lifetime as compared to LCD or OLED, due to the inherent physics behind the architecture. Inorganic LEDs perform better and last longer than do organic LEDs. They emit more light and are more stable than OLEDs. glō microLED displays offer 10x more brightness and 5x better power efficiency with equal or better color quality than the best OLED.

InGaN LEDs have been used in the lighting industry for decades. The LCD industry has been using LTPS backplanes for displays for decades. glō has brought two disciplines together to make the best of both worlds.

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