Laser scan integrates ultra-dynamic z axis

June 21, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Laser scan
Jointly developed with ACS Motion Control, Scanlab GmbH’s XL SCAN is an innovative laser scan system that can processes workpieces of practically unlimited size by combining a 2D scan head with an XY positioning stage.

What’s new is the added ultra-dynamic z-shifter of the laser scan solution enables highly precise surface processing of 3D-shaped workpieces in nearly any size.

Numerous laser processing applications are constrained by the scan system’s image field size. Large workpieces thus typically require stepwise processing of individual surface sections. But this approach produces relatively long process times and bears the risk of stitching errors.

Here, the new Laser scan solution synchronizes one or multiple excelliSCAN scan heads and one or two mechanical XY stages, each with two servo axes. That turns the system into a highly dynamic scan solution for micro-machining large workpieces at maximum accuracy. Because this galvo-based z axis works completely without transmissive elements, it keeps up with the scan head’s fast dynamic performance and flexibly guides the laser spot. This will allow users to precisely process even 3D-shaped large-area workpieces. Users simply input the desired three-dimensional contour and can even let processing be simulated beforehand. Initial test systems with integrated z axes will be deliverable starting in 2020.

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