Lattice ships 10 millionth Power Manager chip

March 16, 2011 // By Clive Maxfield
Lattice ships 10 millionth Power Manager chip
You may recall that, toward the end of last year, the folks at Lattice Semiconductor introduced the second generation of their Power Manager II devices. Around the same time they also announced improved Hot Swap capabilities for their power management devices.

Well, today they announced that – since the introduction of their first Power Manager family – Lattice has now shipped more than 10 million Power Manager devices. They say that all seven Power Manager devices have been broadly adopted in a wide range of high volume, cost sensitive applications, because they enable board designers to integrate the multiple power management functions of a circuit board into a single Power Manager device.

The Power Manager product's unique approach to an integrated, programmable power management solution has continued to drive its widespread adoption in a broad range of power supply management applications that require high reliability and design flexibility.  Offering customers "All-in-One Power Management," the Power Manager  integrates a CPLD, voltage supervisors, MOSFET drivers, sequencers, watchdog timers, voltage measurement, regulator trim/margining, I2C interface and reset generators... all in a single device.

In order to accelerate development time, 24 popular reference designs and the easy-to-use Hercules Development Kit are available for prototyping cost sensitive power management applications.  Using the preloaded design provided with the Hercules development kit, designers can test within minutes power supply sequencing, voltage and current monitoring and measurement using the built in ADC and I2C interfaces.  The Hercules board also demonstrates hot swap, power supply margining/trimming, power supply ORing and fault logging.  Designers can reconfigure these demonstration designs in less than one hour using the free downloadable reference design source codes.  This provides a known good starting point for their own design explorations.

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